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Gano Gifts loves “Ganoderma”     


Why are we so excited about painting colorful coffee mugs, tea cups and saucers; and why did we decide to use this art to create art jewelry?

This creative adventure began after Sharon finished an acrylic painting for our daughter-in-law.  Elvira was so passionate about her Gano Excel™, enriched coffee business, that we decided we wanted to give her a special gift.  As you can see from this picture, Elvira is holding her, “Ganoderma”, painting.

gano -"Ganoderma" Art

Elvira loved her painting.  She began to tell Sharon how much she needed to have “Gano” gifts to support and motivate her team.  Elvira’s “Ganoderma” painting became the first of many colorful, images.  Soon, we began editing photos of the original art to use in framed art miniatures, art jewelry pendants, earrings and more.  We also started a new line of art jewelry that features miniatures.

Elvira enjoys sharing our gift products at many of the local and out-of-state Gano Excel™ events.   Gano Excel™ North America, recently purchased our canvas Wall Art to display in several of their new US locations:  Fresno, CA; Irwindale, CA (corporate offices); Phoenix, AZ; and Las Vegas, NV.

Why is our ART JEWELRY such a great idea?     

When you’re out in public and wearing “Gano Gifts” jewelry, you’ll find that people are curious about it.  Their curiosity will often open the door for you, to talk confidently, about your healthy products.  It’s beautiful jewelry that both you, and your team, will be proud to wear.  Most importantly, wearing this fun jewelry also helps to promote your business, it’s a very smart thing to do!

Our Wall Art is perfect for your home, office or to present as an award.  Sharon’s original art is beautifully reproduced on canvas, and ready-to-hang on the wall.

Gano Gifts ART Gallery

We also LOVE designing our customer’s custom jewelry!

Please contact us about using your own designs, photos or logos.  Resale, or bulk orders, are also welcome.

Fundraising, Church Organizations, Life Events, Business and Team Events, Incentive and Award Needs, or simply to show your Appreciation! 

Ganoderma Don't Go Bear

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If you LOVE your coffee, or tea, but you’re not in a “ganoderma enriched coffee” business, we still have A LOT OF WONDERFUL gift items for you to choose from!

We enjoy drinking coffee.  It’s available in almost endless varieties, all over the world.  Most coffee drinkers will tell you that they not only love its flavor and aroma, but that they find it’s a comforting “pick-me-up” at almost any time of day.  In addition, “Meet me for coffee!” is a favored invitation when wanting to spend time with friends or business associates.

Gano Gifts_Coffee Socializing

Gano Gifts _Cup of Coffee

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